XLingPaper and Authored works


I’m curious about two things:

  1. has anyone here used XLingPaper?
  2. What tools do you use in your authorship of long interlinked documents/publication.
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Hi – I just finished writing a grammar in XLingPaper. (Of a language called Timucua).
XLingPaper mostly did a very good job of managing several thousand examples, references to examples, changing section numbers, bibliographic reference, glossing abbreviations, and other assorted issues connected to writing a long linguistic description.
I’m happy to give more details if anyone is interested.
A few tips based on my experience:
a.) The program works well on files of a small and medium size, but shows a noticeable slowdown for really large files. I’d advise editing separate chapters or tranches of chapters until the last stages, when all is combined.
b.) It’s important that the list of glossing abbreviations, references, languages, etc. be consistent across chapters.
c.) XLingPaper works within a larger XML editor called XMLMind. That editor has nice versioning and document compare features.