Would you like a category for a particular language or language family?

So far we have just one category, for Mixtecan languages. If anyone would like a category for the language or language family they are interested in, please post here and we’ll get you set up. Next up is one for Papuan languages, because @neilalexanderwalker is interested and we have an upcoming project to be revealed soon :slight_smile: :zipper_mouth_face:

I second Papuan languages!


Hi @katelynnlindsey! You should meet @neilalexanderwalker and @carola… fellow Papuanists! I will set up a Papuan languages category :slight_smile:


Here it is… let me know if you’d like to write a description for the category or whatever.

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Hi Katelyn,
when not banned from traveling and have funds I love investigating and documenting Papuan highland languages. I have mostly worked on Gorokan languages which are not as well-documented as it is always claimed. There are a number of classififications but I think individual languages an classification parameters still require more in-depth study.


Nice to meet you @carola! I agree with you about the need for more in-depth study to support existing classifications. In the South Fly where I am, all the classifications are mostly based on very shoddily collected pronoun sets, mostly only in the nominative, and often with mistakes between first-person and second-person! I wish I had the guts to go around drawing conclusions as these guys did all those decades ago!


Is anyone already into setting up the Papuan languages category?


Hi @carola, it exists already, but there are not really any posts yet. You can see the category here: #languages:papuan-languages.

Please feel free to create a new topic in the category if you like! When you hit the button that says +New Topic, you’ll see a category dropdown, and “Papuan languages” will be a choice.

(Pssst, paging @neilalexanderwalker & @katelynnlindsey :mega:)