🗃 What’s your favorite archive interface?

I think my favorite is Pangloss, because it makes interlinear data interactive. For instance, Alex Milchaud’s corpus of Na, one of the many many subfamilies of Tibeto-Burman, has a nice interface with a lot of options for configuration. Here, for instance, is a text called The sister’s wedding:


It would be interesting to hear what others think about archival interfaces, and not just text interfaces like this one: also corpus overview interfaces, interfaces that have scanned images of manuscripts, etc.

Let’s remember to be positive, the people who make these things are our friends and allies! :slight_smile:

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Oh yes, pangloss is lovely! The Ainu online corpus from ninjal (https://ainucorpus.ninjal.ac.jp/corpus/en/) is very nice too, very clear to read. For collections (but not display of actual docs) I quite like Paradisec’s display. It’s complicated but it’s pretty intuitive to find what’s there.


Wow, the Ainu corpus is very cool, had never seen that. It’s interesting to hear Ainu spoken.

Paradisec has an amazing amount of content… I did have to learn to pay attention to the “clear” button, as search terms persist by default (which is actually useful once you get used to it).

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