User Interface Design Competition!


I am running a User Interface design competition. I have never done one of these before, but here we go!

  • The competition has 4 categories the winner of each category will receive $10USD via paypal or venmo (this is self-funded so unless there is an offer from a matching funder…)

  • Submission can either be submitted to this thread or sent via email to me at the address:

  • If submissions are submitted to this thread then all future submitters may feel free to incorporate your ideas. All submissions sent to me via email will not be posted until the winners have been selected. All submissions will be posted to this thread after the selection of the winners. All submissions will have a name associated with them (credit is given).

  • All intellectual property rights or claims related to submissions are released under a public domain dedication.

  • The competition will run until February 1st 2023.

  • Selection of the winner will occur before March 1st 2023.

  • All submissions must include a visual layout component. Submissions using balsamiq, Figma, or Adobe XD will be given an honorable mention. However, photographs of pen-and-paper sketches are just as qualifying for the competition. Generally, textual commentary is also provided in these sorts of UI mock-ups. High fidelity mockups are not required.

  • The four classes relate in a one-to-one correspondence to four views found on the Open Language Archives Community web site. The views are outlined below.

  1. The Language view: Example 1 Example 2
  2. The Country view: Example
  3. The Area view: Example
  4. The Resource view: Example
  • Contestants are encouraged to think broadly about how they interact with the content in the views, ligability, and understandability of the data presented. Contestants are reminded that some instanciations of these views contain lots of data while others only minimal quantities of data. The examples provided do not include all the available categories of data in the current system so contestants are encouraged to “poke around” and see what else is there. Contestants are also encouraged to consider what they might add to the view and why they would add it.

Some visual examples of the views listed above are included below:
Language view French:

Record view

Language view

Country view Nigeria

Area view Africa

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