Uralic Languages Comparison

I dunno. 20 seconds of video in a bunch of Uralic languages is my idea of a good time.

Nenets sounds so nice.

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Thanks, as someone who lived in Finland in a previous life this is quite interesting for me to listen to. I had never heard any of the varieties outside of the (Balto-)Finnic and Saami families, and wow, they sound quite different! I also hadn’t heard of Meänkieli before, although it sounds very similar to standard Finnish to my (novice) ears.

Here is a beautiful Saami Yoik:


What an interesting genre, had never heard of it. Certainly one for the voice alternation crowd!

The joik is a unique form of cultural expression for the Sami people in Sápmi. This type of song can be deeply personal or spiritual in nature, often dedicated to a human being, an animal, or a landscape as a personal signature. Improvisation is not unusual. Each joik is meant to reflect a person or place. The Sami verb for presenting a joik (e.g. Northern Sami juoigat) is a transitive verb, which is often interpreted as indicating that a joik is not a song about the person or place, but that the joiker is attempting to evoke or depict that person or place through song – one joiks one’s friend, not about one’s friend (similarly to how one doesn’t paint or depict about a flower, but depicts the flower itself).


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A smoky ceremony in Nganasan.

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