Upcoming Event: :3d_glasses: Documentation Design Day!

:3d_glasses: 3D: A Hybrid Miniconference :3d_glasses:

A small number of software tools are commonly used in language documentation and related fields, but those tools were not designed with interoperability in mind. What’s more, the actual day-to-day practice of documentary linguists involve many workflows that are not supported by our current tool set.

In this hybrid mini-conference, we will come together to discuss our ideas for new user interfaces in language documentation in a “blue-sky” style: what could we build to help make our workflows more efficient?

The idea is to encourage creativity, and to emphasize the fact that designing (and ultimately implementing) new user interfaces for language documentation is feasible, worth the trouble, and even fun!

Passphrase: 617530

@Yale and @Zoom

This is a hybrid conference:

Where? Who?
3d-dan Presentations at Yale (and Zoom) Students at Yale, presenting ongoing design-to-implementation work on a variety of languages and workflows.
3d-wugly Zoom lightning talks: lightning talks (5-10 minutes) where docling forum members present their back-of-the-envelope design ideas. Each presentation will also have a topic thread for further asynchronous discussion.
Group Discussion: Presentations will be followed by a Zoom discussion

We realize a month is not a huge amount of time to get a presentation together, but we also want to emphasize that this is all informal and intended to encourage discussion. It shouldn’t take more than an hour or so to think through some of the documentation workflows you have been using (keep the scope simple!), and to imagine what a user interface might look like to help expedite that process.

You can either draw your design on paper and upload it here, or use a graphics tool (I like excalidraw) to create your back-of-the-envelope sketch. (I’ll seed the discussion with some examples below. Please feel free to ask questions in this thread!)

This is a bit seat-of-the-pants, let’s give it a try and see what happens. Looking forward to hearing from you all!


Very much looking forward to this! [If you’re interested in attending (and/or presenting), could you let us know for planning purposes?]


Here’s some more information about the schedule
Please join us in Dow 314 (or on Zoom) on Monday, April 24 from 10-12 for presentations and discussion related to special projects in language documentation and technology. From 10-11 we’ll hear from Dani Katenkamp, Hannah Morrison, and Tilly Brooks, who have been working with Pat Hall this semester on three very different applications for language documentation (historical archiving, sound file comparison, and African American regional data visualization respectively). Then from 11-12 we’ll have an informal discussion about the state of language documentation design, software development needs, and related issues.

Here is the zoom information:

Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android: https://yale.zoom.us/j/94427064982?pwd=dkFiOUhmdCtpblBBUXI0VytDUTI2QT09
Password: 617530
Or Telephone:203-432-9666 (2-ZOOM if on-campus) or 646 568 7788
One Tap Mobile: +12034329666,94427064982# US (Bridgeport)

Meeting ID: 944 2706 4982
International numbers available: https://yale.zoom.us/u/adPVyBdEnL


Happening this morning!

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I plan to be there!
Aaron Broadwell

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Hang tight everyone, setting up le Zoom…

I enjoyed a point made by @amaliaskilton : we can maybe avoid putting too much of the onus of design on users by talking to people who we have access to who have experience with and knowledge in user experience; just like many of us at universities go to the stats department to figure out what to do for our quantitative work, maybe we can seek out the UI/UX people around the university to make some assumptions about defaults. If you’re not at a university, maybe you have someone in your circles? It’s hard to just say “outsource your work!” especially when people don’t always have access to good people; but if you do, maybe that’s a good call! It’s collaborating more than outsourcing, really.

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