📖 The Open Handbook of Linguistic Data Management

Via the twitterings of local hero @laureng:


This book is aMAZing. 56 open access chapters on data management in many linguistic disciplines. Documentation is well-represented! And they have a really nice website with an online course. [Update: Also available at https://linguisticdatamanagement.org/, thanks @laureng!]

Several local heroes on the very website you are currently perusing also have chapters (tell me if I missed anyone):

(And my better half may or may not have a chapter in here… by “may or may not” I mean “does”…(Data Management Practices in an Ethnographic Study of Language and Migration | The Open Handbook of Linguistic Data Management | Books Gateway | MIT Press) :heart_eyes:.))

Congrats to all y’all! My phone will be heavier after I have downloaded all these PDFs (and I won’t even complain that there are no HTML versions. :stuck_out_tongue: )

I was going to go through this list and point out the articles that looked particularly relevant to our community but… almost all of them are. (I wonder if we could get some of these folks to come and talk to us!)


Hey @nikopartanen, the very topic we were discussing earlier:

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The editors did an amazing job on this one!

The online course currently has a pretty url you can share with people too: https://linguisticdatamanagement.org/
It covers the content of the first 13 chapters, including summaries, activities and a quiz, and links to other relevant chapters in the handbook as well.