The Glottolog cookbook - recipe for putting languages on maps

Just put together a short post on how to put Glottolog languages on maps at cookbook/ at master · glottolog/cookbook · GitHub
There’s a couple more answers to frequently asked questions about accessing Glottolog data in the Glottolog cookbook.


Neat! I tried this for Chibchan (chib1249), but I got the following error:

repos dir /Users/me/glottolog-cldf missing tree dir: /Users/me/glottolog-cldf/languoids/tree

Do I need to do something besides

git clone

…to populate the /languoids subdirectory?

…wait, maybe my pyglottolog is not up to date…

Ah, sorry. Yes that’s a bit of a mess. pyglottolog actually uses data of a “full”, i.e. glottolog/glottolog clone, while the other part of the recipe uses the CLDF version of - pretty much - the same data. Thus you need two repositories.

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This guy?

D’oh you said that. Can’t read.

cldfviz also pulls the coordinates from Glottolog via pyglottolog, i.e. from a clone of glottolog/glottolog. I’ll try to spell this out in the recipe.

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Just updated the recipe to be more explicit about how/which data is accessed. The potential confusion is a bit unfortunate - and mostly due to pyglottolog (and glottolog/glottolog) predating the CLDF spec.

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Ok I’ll give it another go soon.

By the way, is one of the projects you run? Are you using Python to clone yourself? How on the world do you do all this stuff?


You can clone Glottolog, Concepticon and CLTS through cldfbench - in which case it will be gitpython doing the work. Personally, I have clones of all my repositories done with just git.
And yes, Glottolog is me, too (on the technical side - Harald Hammarström does the linguistics). I guess, to some extent, CLDF is a bit of a coping mechanism for me :slight_smile:

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Thanks! I’ll definitely be coming back to this at some point in the next year as I’m compiling (or attempting to compile) a CLDF database for a project on motion in the morphosyntax of Chadic languages and will definitely want to create some pretty maps :earth_africa:

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