The FLEx database


In your flex to clld tutorial on github you export via lift… lift is not as rich as flex xml. The database for FLEx is XML… why not just use that?

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I don’t know where the database for FLEx is.

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No but seriously, where is it on a Linux machine? I’d gladly use it.

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May depend on your installation, but mine is at ~/.local/share/fieldworks/Projects/[project name]/[project name].fwdata. Other files within that folder may also be relevant to your goals.


Thank you May… Got to it before I could!

One note is that for archival purposes, the whole folder is what is needed to preserve the FLEx data project not just the XML file. Custom keyboards or fonts can be stashed in this folder along with media so to recreate the outputs or the data inside the FLEx application the whole thing is needed.

Hey folks, I moved this thread from the introductions thread here so we could continue the discussion. Certainly of interest to lots of people.