🙏 🙏 Thanks for participating this morning

Thanks to @Andrew_Harvey, @rgriscom, and @JROSESLA for hanging out this morning at the Training Local People as Language Documentarians: A Docling Forum Live Chat. We were a small crew but I thought the conversation was interesting and fun.

It’s also nice to just chat with linguists!

I think Andrew and Richard had mentioned posting a few comments about their thoughts about the discussion. What they are up to is kind of amazing in scale. SO MUCH DOCUMENTATION. It’s awesome.

The news, and frankly, the earth, are pretty bleak right now. But I think that makes it more important that we support each other and stay in touch.

So I’m hopeful that we can come up with some sort of regular “coffee hour”, as @msatokotsubi put it.

Maybe it could be something as simple as “show and tell,” where we just get together and talk about some specific thing we’re working on.

Hey, my four-year-old digs show and tell. Peer review, guys.

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