Thanks for coming!

Thanks everyone for coming today! Twice! I’ll figure out scheduling… someday.

But we had a great turnout, and I hope we can keep going — now we have two practice “front pages”, one on Kawam and one on San Juan Quiahije Chatino.

In both versions of the workshop, we covered:

  1. Content identification (with some inspiration from these examples)
  2. Opening a plain text (.txt) file in a browser from the filesystem (it appears with file:// as the prefix in the URL bar, rather than https://)
  3. Changing the same file’s suffix to .html rather than .txt, and then opening that
  4. Adding a few tags:
    • Headings: <h1></h1>
    • Paragraphs: <p></p>
    • Images: <img src="some-image.jpg">
    • Video (just in the second run): <video src="some-video-file.mp4 controls></video>
  5. A bit more about basic HTML document-level tags like <html>, <body>, <title>, and <head>.

I’ve uploaded our admittedly message work in these two directories:



I hope it was interesting; I realize it’s still a bit chaotic as we work out how to run these online workshops! Next, time, CSS and fonts!

Thanks @Hilaria , @sunny , @rgriscom , @nikopartanen , @caro, @SarahDopierala , @Sosal , @cscanlon , and @ewen201 (did I miss anyone?).


Thanks a million Pat for putting in the time to share your expertise, ideas, and wonderful conversation. I look forward to continuing the conversation and much love to your cute daughter. She is adorable.


Thanks Hilaria!

I keep trying to plan these things and I feel like they always turn into a beatnik poem. Suggestions and feedback about what’s working is welcome!

My daughter is a handful. :rabbit: :wink:

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Glad to hear it was another success! Were you able to record it by chance?


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Thank you so much, @pathall (especially for taking the time to go over everything twice)! It was lots of fun and very nice to meet you all :slight_smile: Excited for the next topic!


I didn’t record since in one of the two runs it wasn’t clear to me that people were okay with recording, and also because in the run where I did try to record I didn’t realize it stopped. :rofl: I’m a professional.

However, what I think I will do is create an online tutorial version of the content, since it would be nice to be able to point others in the future to the content. I will deploy it under, and also put it in a repo in our Github org’s site. (We could even improve the content incrementally and maybe people would like to add bug reports and feature requests and such.)


Fair enough! I hope I can make the next one! :slight_smile: