SSILA (Indigenous languages of Americas) call for papers! - advice sought

Hi everyone! SSILA is calling for papers. I am wondering if anyone would have time to read through the requirements and help me understand which of my different ideas would be most appropriate to submit.

My ideas:

  1. Finish editing the verbs chapter of my grammar and submit that.
  2. Get some paint chips and survey people about colors. Mixtec color concepts are super interesting (to me) because, among other things, they don’t distinguish between blue/green but do have words for pink and consider tan (not brown) to be a primary color.
  3. Interview my language teacher, who is monolingual, and write a paper about how she developed strategies to teach me. Write about it as kind of a guide for master-apprentice pairs.

Thanks in advance!

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I like three myself :slight_smile:

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I like all of them, but I really really like 3. I feel it would be so valuable - especially in a year like this - to hear more from Mixtec peoples themselves. And of course, I’m also interested to hear more about it myself :slight_smile:

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