SOAS videos

I’ve been digging up old posts looking for stuff worth resurfacing, and I realized I buried a rather significant list of SOAS vidoes in a comment elsewhere, moving it to its own topic here.

(I went to see if I should update the list but it seems none have been added since this was originally posted, unless I’m missing something?).

Looks like SOAS has a slew of videos on YouTube, here’s the homepage:

Here’s a list of 140 of them (not sure if that’s complete!). Lots of these are relevant to community members here:

We-code Honorifics in Southern Amami Ōshima

Indigenous Research Methodologies and Field Linguistics Training

The biased leading the biased: Testimonies of violence against women

Voices from the Lost Horizon

The last speaker of Kusunda

Strategic Responses to Changing Socio-Ecologies

The effects of recording devices and software on phonetic analysis

Linking language evolution, language acquisition and language diversity

What if Babel was just a myth?

Accent Bias and Fair Access in Britain

Gender representation in constructed example sentences

Rethinking the language of language endangerment

Making computers actually useful to historical linguists

Documenting the Language of the Indonesian Sign Community (Palfreyman)

Promoting Your Language on Social Media

Historical Linguistics of Korandje (Souag)

Nigerian English and National Identity (Ugwuanyi)

Regional Variation in Indonesian (Yanti & Shiohara)

Orchid, my sister: Identities, relationality, and language documentation

Language Documentation and the Empowerment of Target Community Members

Asian etymology: achieving faster progress and more secure results

Linking Tamangic verbs with Tibetan paradigms

Applying the comparative method to some words in Old Chinese

Poetic meter, lexical distributions, and linguistic reconstruction

Poetic meter, lexical distributions, and linguistic reconstruction

The contribution of medieval data to the reconstruction of proto-Basque

Reconstructing selectional properties of derivational morphology

Sound change and subgrouping in the Hindu Kush region

Indo-European nominal morphology and subgrouping

Reconstructing Basque laryngeals

Proto-Western Kho-Bwa onsets from the perspective of Duhumbi and Khoitam

Advances in Proto-Basque reconstruction

Redundancy in Multiple Exponence

Language Policies and Practices Across Asia

Verb meaning and valency-changing morphology: Insights from Bantu

Cypriot Greek as a heritage and community language in London

Endangered Alphabets - From Art to Revival - Tim Brookes

Two Songs for a Red Girl - Guilherme Heurich

Normativisation and the hyper-dialect

The creation of a contact sign language in West and Central French-speaking Africa

The changing language worlds of Singapore

Video clip taken from the film KANRAXËL

Vera Da Silva Sinha - “Time in culture”

Kirill Bogdanov, “Оne Tangut shamanistic text from Khara-Khoto”

“The Altar of Conciliation: re-examining a Tangut manuscript”

Shintaro Arakawa, “Re-analysis of the Tangut suffix for ‘dual’”

Xun Gong, “Grade II in Tangut and Hexi Late Middle Chinese”

Chung-pui Tai (Hong Kong), “On the reconstruction of Tangut medial -w-”

Romain Lefebvre, “Did the Tanguts have their own medical treatments?”

Marc Miyake, “Some remarks on Tangut historical phonology”

How motion verbs acquire narrative discourse functions

Auditor design and digital surveillance

Strategies for the empowerment of Nahuatl speakers in Mexico

The Tunisian community of Mazara del Vallo (Sicily)

Multilingual practices in the Casamance

Complex predicate puzzles

Who has the ‘right to know’ in interaction, and how to find that out

Story collection to storybook: Producing community material

Experimental study of attitudes towards varieties of Swahili and English spoken in Nairobi, SOAS

On some typological characteristics in Kilimanjaro Bantu languages, SOAS University of London

Engaged humanities in Europe, SOAS University of London

“Ours in writing”: Reclaiming access to Lakota texts at Standing Rock, SOAS University of London

‘Mathinnyi’ - Film Screening & Discussion of Music & Language Revitalisation in Jersey, SOAS

The “mirror” of insubordination, Linguistics Seminar, SOAS University of London

Adding English: Language Learning and La République Démocratique du Congo, SOAS University of London

Assessing ethnolinguistic vitality: Methodological and ethical problems, SOAS University of London

Co-speech gestures in Syuba, SOAS University of London

Narrative development and brain activation in L1 and L2, SOAS University of London

Homophony of DOM and DAT: Morphology or syntax?, SOAS University of London

The Art of Language Invention by David J Peterson, SOAS University of London

The sounds of Malacca Portuguese Creole, Stefanie Pillai (Malaya), SOAS University of London

A personal Narrative of an indigenous Xingu speaker (in Portuguese), SOAS University of London

Determining the origin of asylum claimants through language analysis: The case of Arabic, SOAS

Prof. Irina Nikolaeva’s Talk On The Marvels of Tundra Nenets, SOAS University of London

Between JC & JayZ: Appropriating The Secular In Holy Hip Hop, SOAS University of London

Liberating Language, Liam Renouf, SOAS University of London

Beyond a two-way typology of Western Austronesian, SOAS University of London

The use of mimetics and gesture among speakers of Japanese as a second language, SOAS

Metathesis in Amarasi, Owen Edwards (ANU), SOAS University of London

Writing at the Creative Edge: Tracing the Evolution of a New Idea in Language, SOAS

A Journey of Change: la ~ għand in Maltese, Linguistics Seminar, SOAS University of London

Haeree Park (Hamburg): Dialect borrowings in Old Chinese, SOAS University of London

Haeree Park (Hamburg): Dialect borrowings in Old Chinese, SOAS University of London

Hannes A. Fellner (Vienna): Linguistic Contact between Indo-European and Old Chinese

Guillaume Jacques (CRLAO, CNRS): How many *-s suffixes in Old Chinese?, SOAS University of London

Mark J. Alves (Montgomery College): OC Loans in Vietnamese: Historical & Archaeological Data, SOAS

Matthias L. Richter (UC Boulder): Limitations to the phonetic value of manuscript characters, SOAS

Marco Caboara (Hong Kong): Baxter & Sagart’s usage of recently excavated Chu manuscript sources

Marc Miyake (British Museum): OC type A/type B in areal perspective, SOAS University of London

Christoph Harbsmeier (Oslo): Irrefutable Conjectures, SOAS University of London

Johann-Mattis List (CRLAO, CNRS): Using Network Models to Analyze Old Chinese Rhyme Data, SOAS

Johann-Mattis List (CRLAO, CNRS): Using Network Models to Analyze Old Chinese Rhyme Data, SOAS

Yeshy T. Sotrug (Berne): A prefix without a cause – The OC *p-prefix and its tentative TB cognates

Lai Yunfan (Paris III): Rgyalrongic vs Old Chinese initials: How (dis)similar are they?, SOAS

L Sagart (CRLAO, CNRS) & W H Baxter (Michigan): OC type A/type B vs. Lushai long/short, SOAS

Lin Deng (Arizona State): Reconstruction of the Demonstratives *tə 之, *deʔ (?) 是, and *tsheʔ (?) 此

Xun Gong (CRLAO, CNRS): How Old is the Chinese in Bái?, SOAS University of London

Much Ado About “dou” [all/even] in Mandarin Chinese, Linguistics, SOAS University of London

Keeping small-scale multilingualism going at Warruwi Community (Australia), SOAS

Beyond cognacy: Historical relations between words, Mattis List, SOAS University of London

Grammatical gender and the conceptualisation of objects across five languages, SOAS

A New Technique for Measuring Multilingualism, SOAS University of London

Ellen Smith: Contact-induced change in Papapana, SOAS University of London

Aicha Belkadi: The syntax of nominal states in Berber. SOAS University of London

A drive in the country with Umpila and Kuuku Ya’u speakers, SOAS University of London

The "“new speaker” as agent of social and linguistic change, SOAS University of London

“I can’t believe how it has changed”: oral testimonies on Basque, SOAS University of London

Chege Githoria: The Logic of Sheng, SOAS University of London

Oleg Belyaev: Coordination and subordination: Delimiting the domains, SOAS University of London

Prof. Francesca Orsini Inaugural Lecture, Literature in a Multilingual Society, SOAS

Language Attitudes and Identity in the Tibetan Dharamsala Diaspora, SOAS University of London

Some considerations on the linguistic variation in Dragomans’ writings, SOAS University of London

A new interdisciplinary approach to loanword phonology: the Salience and Dominance Model, SOAS

Methodology and Citation - The State Of The Art In Linguistics, SOAS University of London

Kwadwo Osie-Nyame Jnr. African Literatures & African Linguistics, SOAS University of London

On an emotive particle in Singlish, SOAS University of London

Contact and change at the northern Bantu borderlands, SOAS, University of London

Cross-linguistic equivalence and the theory of bilingual phonology, SOAS, University of London

Metaphor in South African tsotsitaal, SOAS, University of London

Attitudes to different accents of English in African communities in the UK and Germany, SOAS

Plurality and Implicature, SOAS, University of London

Tlingit Oratory, SOAS, University of London

Conflicting expectations in multilingual literacy acquisition, SOAS, University of London

Women, Bride-price and baskets, SOAS, University of London

How words are related, Dr Andrew Spencer, SOAS, University of London

On the expression of Tense-Aspect-Mood on nouns: Evidence from Tundra Nenets, SOAS

Prof Friederike Lüpke: Language Diversity, African Style, SOAS, University of London

María J. Arche, On Perfective but incomplete situations, SOAS, University of London

Tanya Slavin, The structure of the verb stem in Oji-Cree, SOAS, University of London

Dr John Wynne, Language Endangerment and Sound Art, SOAS, University of London

Ken Safir and Mamadou Bassene, Stem Structure in Eegimaa, SOAS, University of London

Julia Sallabank, Language ideologies, practices and policies in New Caledonia, SOAS

Education Language Policy Planning, SOAS, University of London

Tonal Variation in Bantu Language Varieties, SOAS, University of London

Modified numerals: form, meaning and implicature, Rick Nouwen, SOAS, University of London

Referential density and Differential Argument Marking in Manange, Nar and Manang Gurung, SOAS

Literacy micro planning in a Papua New Guinean community, SOAS, University of London

Languages for an interconnected world

Prof. Lutz Marten (SOAS): Linguistic Variation, Language Contact and the New Comparative Bantu

Prof. Anne Pauwels: Heritage and Community Languages in Higher Education, SOAS, University of London

Prof. Anne Pauwels - Politics of Multilingualism and Language Learning: Who Benefits?