Small equipment grants for collaborators

Hi all. Wondering if anyone knows of small (500-2000 USD, maybe) grants which scholars in the global south (or me, on their behalf) could apply to in order to build research infrastructure at their institutions. Specifically, for recording equipment (good mics, storage cases, recorders, data storage) and improving recording quality (room treatment, portable microphone isolators, etc).

Some context: I am trying to set up a project with some interested colleagues in Cameroon, and I anticipate that really getting them started in my research area (phonetics) will require more funds than I have access to as part of my faculty startup.

It’s pretty clear that ELDP (for example) would not fund this type of request. So I am wondering what alternative sources of funding might be out there for me to just buy a bunch of stuff in the US and leave it with them after some training.


The main funds for this are:

You might also check out:


ELF was designed to fund this type of project!


If there’s a local chapter of Awesome Foundation, they hand out no-strings-attached grants to ‘Awesome’ projects in different parts of the world:

I received one from a chapter in 2013 to buy some equipment for a project that didn’t get ELDP funding (and subsequently did). I’m currently a Melbourne chapter trustee - but the different groups are all very independent and fund very different things (often month to month).

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As additional thoughts:

  • wikitongues run grants, and support, but not sure how often/how much:
  • lingcomm grants are specifically to increase engagement with linguistics, but I guess it would be remiss of me not to mention them here: Grants – LingComm (disclosure: I’m a founder and funder of these)
  • Has anyone had any experience crowdfunding small grants? It’s somewhat in my wheelhouse and I know some people with expertise in this area but I’m stretched at the minute and loathe to offer help I know I can’t deliver.

Seen on Twitter, specifically for lexicography in the Americas

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