Remote fieldwork talk happening now

Eep, happening right now:

Establishing new relationships in online language work — Karolina Grzech & Selena Tisalema Shaca


Trying to figure out how to participate myself…

Do we keep you up to date with things that have already happened, or what?

@SarahDopierala was there, maybe you can give us a description? :smiley:

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Sorry for taking a while but, yes, I got to go to this workshop ^^ I left my notes in my office, but a couple things I remember from this talk (and maybe influenced by subsequent talks) are:

  1. A cool side effect of doing remote fieldwork is that we (researchers) end up (sometimes) relying more heavily on community members as co-reseachers, which means that community members have more direct control over the direction research takes

  2. It also shifts focus from the location of the researcher to the location of the speaker community

  3. On a different note, I remember Selena said not to be afraid to teach people about things. If you’re looking at relative clauses (for example), you can teach your co-reseachers what those are, and they will probably understand a lot better than you originally might have thought, and they’ll also probably have ideas as to how to elicit relative clauses.

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(* actually the last one might be from a different talk :thinking: but still, the idea fits the theme of this talk as well xD)

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