🕰 📣 REMINDER: Training Local People as Language Documentarians Live Chat Tomorrow 1000 - 1100 GMT

I know @rgriscom and @Andrew_Harvey already posted about this, but here’s one more reminder!


Training Local People as Language Documentarians: A Docling Forum Live Chat

And they mention this brief blog post as a nice, quick preview:


Thanks for using the forum, friends!

All you California night :owl:s and/or early :bird:s , see you at 3am. :wink:

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A few relevant links and stuff I dug up (please correct me if any of these are incorrect, @Andrew_Harvey and @rgriscom):

Hadza (Isolate)

(Wow, check out that consonant inventory!)

Gorwaa (Cushitic)

Ihanzu (Bantu)

Links from the talk

Added a few of the links from Richard’s talk here as I was watching it. Lots of interesting stuff, and some cool videos where you can hear the languages documented in Richard and Andrew’s research.

Okay this is cool. :slight_smile:

Introduction videos to the Haydom workshop in several of the languages, super cool:

Iraqw (Cushitic)



Links from Richard’s site

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