¿Quién aqui se interesa en los idiomas Mixtecas? Who here is interested in Mixtecan languages?

I thought we could make a thread to talk about our interest in Mixtecan languages in general, and just say hi.

Este es un tema para introducirnos y talvez charlar un poco de las lenguas mixtecas.

Sweet! Okay, first question. How does one say, “sweet!” in Mixtec? I asked my friend Demetrio and he said to just say nduvi but he’s not really one to talk a lot of slang so…

Me gusteria saber más de las languas mixtecas. Estoy trabajando en unas lenguas mayas de Guatemala pero las lengaus de Mexico seguramente me interesan.



Here is what I’m working on right now. This is a chapter of a grammatical description I am working on. This describes how Mixtec verbs work.

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Here is another thing I’m working on.


It’s a picture dictionary


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Hi there! My name is Guillem Belmar, and I am a PhD student at UCSB. I have several research interests, but they all boil down to revitalization (and documentation) of endangered/indigenous/minoritized languages (I also love to discuss these labels). I have worked with Basque and several Germanic and Romance minoritized languages in the past, and I am currently working on Mixtec, and plan on looking at communicative strategies in bidialectal conversations, which could potentially inform how interpretation is approached. I’m also focused on Oceanic languages, but had to stop my work establishing contacts there due to COVID-19. Also interested in social media, virtual communities and how these can be used for language revitalization. Nice to meet you all!


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Hola! How is everyone doing? Any projects that yall are working on Mixtec Languages?

My mother and I translated three stories into Mixtec on StoryWeaver. Here is one of them. https://storyweaver.org.in/stories/265603-yoo-kuu-tsintsiee-yuu

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Hi @gabrielsavi! Looking forward to talking with you on Friday.

Your story is really cool — do you think you could tell us a little about your experiences using https://storyweaver.org.in in a separate topic?

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Hi @pathall


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