📊 [POLL] Have you ever bought a domain name and launched a website?

I’m interested in how many people here have ever created a website “from scratch”. It’s one thing to learn a enough HTML to create a document that a web browser can render, but it’s another thing to go through the hoops of figuring out all the junk necessary to actually “deploy” that file onto the internet.

Unfortunately, that step in the process of adding to the web still something of an Achille’s heel. The problem is that the process isn’t standardized. Pretty every much “web host” — company or other organization that will allow you to put your web content onto their internet-connected computers — does things in their own special way.

The landscape is pretty bewildering for a newcomer. And yet, in language documentation, it’s really important that we build up institutional knowledge which is sufficient to “launch a simple website”.

(I guess a relevant question would be, would you like to be able to launch your own website?)

So, here’s the poll:

Have you ever bought a domain name and launched a website?

  • Not gonna lie, I’m not exactly sure what a domain name is.
  • I haven’t done it myself, but I’ve been involved in projects involving new websites, so I have at least some understanding of what it’s about.
  • I have bought a domain name before and launched a website.
  • I buy domain names and launch sites a lot.

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