⏯ Pangloss Collection playable text interface for Ubykh

In Awesome Interlinears I had meant to start a thread about different web-based time-aligned text interfaces, but I was trying out the “publish later” function in this software, and of course it published before I actually added any links! So, let’s try again. Rather than try to cram a bunch of examples into a single topic, I’ll just start one per example, and use the #awesome-interlinears tag. (Feel free to add a topic if you know of any other examples!)

In today’s virtual coffee hour :coffee:, we ended up talking about this topic a bit: the utility of a time-aligned playback interface in linguistic archives. Here’s an example of a text in the (amazing) Ubykh language :

Try it out for yourself here:


There is quite a bit of information embedded in this interface, including morphologically-aligned word-level analysis.

This is quite a different user experience to the model where (for example) .eaf files are hosted in the archive, which are meant to be downloaded and run in ELAN. That’s great too, but I think for outreach beyond our community, web-playable interfaces are a lot more useful.

What do you think of this interface? Anything you like or dislike about it?

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