🎙 New season of Fieldnotes Podcast!

Happy to learn that localhero @msatokotsubi is back with a new season of Fieldnotes Podcast!

From Nancy: “With my two main consultants in Kalabo, lovely old lady and her daughter. Zoom kit nicely set up with me trying to look all serious and grown up, not sure why!”

This video from the Wikipedia article on Bemba, provides a chance to listen to Bemba:

Fieldnotes developments…

Some great news: Season 3 is all about insider linguists: linguists who carry out research within their own communities. The topic has already come up in other episodes of Fieldnotes, such an interesting and timely topic.

Fieldnotes is going to be a monthly show this season, with additional material available for Patreon supporters. Very excited to hear and learn from of Marti’s interviews with all kinds of interesting folks.

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Thanks for the shou tout, Pat!

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