🤔 My four-year-old’s conlang

My daughter is all too happy to translate any query into “bunny language”.

Please feel free to post your scheduled elicitations and I will carry them out and report back.

Also, if you can figure out how to gloss mani, you win. :trophy:


This is the cutest!

How do I say “the girl is sleepy at night time” in case my toddler will take this suggestion better in bunny language?

Also maybe mani has tone or some other feature that you missed in your first round of elicitation? (maybe the tail movements are suprasegmentals?) we’ve all been there :joy:

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The speaker has stated that the way to say ‘the girl is sleepy at night time’ is ˈziniba.

Gloss at your leisure.

As for tone, generally every lexeme seems to be delivered with a connotation of DuUuh, DAD.

there is some really magical fusional morphology happening here. Thanks for the moment of whimsy!

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My theory is that mani is a lexical item meaning ‘bunny’, which has undergone some grammaticalization into a classifier for bunny-related nouns. Adjectives seem to agree with these nouns, which explains mani- on ‘sleepy’ (this assumes we’re talking about a sleepy bunny here).

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