Linguistics Lunch: Making Dictionaries

This looks great!

This event marks the installation of the Canadian Language Museum’s exhibit Beyond Words: Dictionaries and Indigenous languages on campus (2nd floor of the Arts Building, outside the Timlin Theatre), from November 24th to December 1st, 2021. Come learn more on the exhibit, as well as Faculty members’ own community-driven dictionary work in Ecuador. We are pleased to have Dr. Martin Kohlberger share on his work with the Shiwiar Nation on the Shiwiar Language Documentation Project, and to celebrate with Dr. Jesse Stewart the exciting publication of the first dictionary of the Media Lengua Language, a rare mixed language spoken in the Ecuadorian highlands, co-authored by Dr. Stewart, Gabriela Prado Ayala and Lucia Gonza Inlago.

Media Lengua is a fascinating lagnuage, but I will lazily quote Wikipedia because I have to slides:

Media Lengua , also known as Chaupi-shimi , Chaupi-lengua , Chaupi-Quichua , Quichuañol , Chapu-shimi or llanga-shimi, (roughly translated to " half language " or " in-between language ") is a mixed language with Spanish vocabulary and Kichwa grammar, most conspicuously in its morphology.