Linguistics Data Interest Group - meeting happening this week (all week! asynchronous)

The Linguistics Data Interest Group (LDIG) of the Research Data Alliance is a group interested in improving the way linguists in all disciplines think about and use data. It’s free to join and there’s no obligation to do any particular work.

Once or twice a year the LDIG hold a meeting to check in. Our current work is building a campaign to encourage people to update the Tromsø Recommendations for the citation of data in linguistics. We’d love your feedback and ideas!

And if you want to know more about the LDIG or RDA and maybe want to get more involved, let me know! Happy to answer questions here in the forum!



Is anyone thinking about writing an Zotero stylesheet for this?

(Asking for a lazy friend.)

(The lazy friend is me.)

The last I heard, Zotero can do this with linguistic data as a general item type. The specifics of the style itself is up to the existing journal style sheet, the Tromsø Recommendations are more about the minimum amount of information you should have for the reference.

If someone here is better at Zotero set up than me and has something more specific to add, that would be great!