🌴 Kawam lang doc online course

I am currently creating an online course on language documentation for speakers of Kawam, a Pahoturi River language with very little existing documentation. We are starting with a group of Kawam-speaking students but hope to learn from the experience and expand to offer the course to other interested communities. Because of the need for social distancing due to the COVID pandemic, limited funds for computers (so students will need to share), and potentially unreliable internet connectivity, we are designing this as an asynchronous course. We have started putting together the course in Google Classroom.

If anyone here has any recommendations regarding creating a course on language documentation for community members, effective cross-cultural online teaching, etc. I would love to hear them! I have of course been reading around but I’m aware of how much I have to learn. Things specific to the subject material would be especially welcome.

Also, if anyone has examples of really great documentation projects available online, that would be awesome! One of the modules will invite students to explore several different language documentation projects to get a sense of some possibilities and envision thier ideal documentation project.

Also, if anyone wants to test out some of the modules as they are ready, you’d be very welcome. Thanks! My hope is this will work well for Kawam speakers and that we will be able to learn and expand the program and maybe inspire similar projects elsewhere.


P.S. If you know of an alternative that is much better than Google Classroom, let me know. I didn’t choose it for any particularly principled reason, but it seems to work well enough.

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