☕ In coffee hour now if you are! (Working on more obvious scheduling…)

Perhaps someone will show up!

So I’m happy to say that the coffee hour seems to have become a thing, but it’s also been a little hard to keep track of what and when. That’s down to me, so sorry about that.

Here’s a plan for making it easier to find the schedule:

  • A new category: #chats, where you can find the latest schedule.
  • Weekly banners — there will be a (dismissable) banner at the top of the site once a week, with reminders of the chat times.

I would also like to encourage anyone out there to suggest a chat topic! What you’re working on, something you’re thinking about, some work you’d like to share, whatevs.

If there’s no topic request for a given chat, we’ll just ramble as usual!

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Super jazzed about this, since I keep missing! it’s on my recent spaces so I can chill there when I’m feeling like it just for the heck of it, while I work; maybe others will join and socialize every so often, schedule-ambivalently.

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Oops, I had no idea this was happening today somehow—did I miss a post? I support those ideas you have for making it easier to stay in the loop!

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I’m sorry about the confusion. We had a semi-stable Tuesday time but I that wasn’t really clear.

Discourse is very powerful software but it has a lot of buttons. Still trying to figure out the banner business.

Yes, sorry I didn’t know it was going on! I do want to try out some of the new Gather features, too.