📘 Image gallery of a redesigned Czech-English dictionary

Dictionaries are hard, but I’m a sucker for this kind of thing:

Tomato Kosir: Concise English–Slovenian & Slo.–Eng. Dictionary

Our goal was to contain two large dictionaries in three books in one smaller book. It took me a year and a half and 47 layouts to desing a trully functional and still handy Dictionary. It contains 39,500 articles and 27,000 subarticles in total 1352 pages, dimensions 205 x 205 mm. It has 9,000,000 characters or 6650 characters per page. That’s approximately 18 average novels.

Naš cilj je bil vključiti dva obsežna slovarja v treh knjigah vključiti v eno manjšo knjigo. Od začetka do konca procesa je minilo leto in pol, ter 47 tipičnih strani za resnično enostavno uporaben in še vedno priričen slovar. Vključuje 39.500 geselskih člankov, 27.000 geselskih podčlankov na 1352 straneh, v knjigi, ki ima 205 x 205 mm. Vsebuje ca 9.000.000 znakov oz. ca 6650 znakov na stran, kar po obsegu znese okoli 18 povprečnih romanov.

Some notes of interest…

Nice phonetic alphabet sidebar with an example word. I can imagine something like this being very useful for languages with thorny orthographies (say, Kashaya Pomo or Lushootseed!).