If you too forgot to register for ICLDC… the talks are available online

Here’s what the stock response will be if you beg for late registration: :wink:

  1. Although you will not be able to attend any live, synchronous sessions, all the pre-recorded paper sessions and posters for ICLDC 7 are actually freely available to the public. If you go to https://icldc7.sched.com, you will see the public program. If you click on any of the paper sessions, you will see the links to the pre-recorded sessions on our ICLDC YouTube, which you can watch at your leisure. If you login to Discord, you can view the posters and post comments/questions. For live offerings during the conference (e.g., plenaries, workshops), we will make the recordings available in the public Sched program later when they are ready. So you can still benefit from the knowledge shared, though you will miss out on the interaction.

  2. ICLDC is a biennial conference, so we will have it again in March 2023, so mark your calendars. Also, audio recordings from previous face-to-face ICLDC Conferences are all archived here: https://scholarspace.manoa.hawaii.edu/handle/10125/5960

It looks like the links to the talks aren’t “listed” on YouTube, so you can’t see everything there, but you can get to the talks via the schedule links.

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