I need some scheduling help

Hi guys. I know you all are just as swamped as I am in life, but I end up spending a lot of time behind the scenes around the site making sure not to leave the oven on and that everybody knows the lobby pin.

I am as excited for a writing writing group to happen but I’m afraid I don’t have the bandwidth right now. Would anybody be willing to take over scheduling?

@msatokotsubi has been a great help as Minister of Coffee hour, we just need somebody to be Minister of Writing Group.

Here’s what it would involve:

  1. Running a discussion thread to let people know the writing group is happening
  2. Setting up a scheduling link. (when2meet.com has worked for me in other contexts, doodle.com has gotten a little ad-infested imho)
  3. I can set up one of these dismissible banners when the time is set.

I know there was talk of possibly two groups, given time zone divergences for @Grant @Andrew_Harvey @SarahDopierala and others, so that would be up for discussion too.

First taker here gets all the rights and privileges thereto entitled which aside from being called Minister of something are none whatsoever. :grimacing:


I accept your offer for ministership!


Thanks for taking on the scheduling! I’m getting ready to move internationally atm o.o

Thank you fine sir! Your crown is in the mail. :crown:

Eep! What a time to be moving! We welcome airport fieldwork. :airplane:

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Thanks! XD It’s going to be a ride, that’s for sure o.o (Hopefully worth it though :wink: )

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