I just downloaded Elan... help!

I got Elan so I can transcribe my hours of recordings. How do I get it set up?

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There are a bunch of tutorials out there (just google ELAN tutorial) that might give you a clearer idea of what it can do. Unfortunately, there is no one way to set it all up, because it depends on your needs and goals. I think the easiest would be for someone to walk you through it via Zoom, without visuals it’s really difficult to explain. I can do that sometime, but I’d ask you to check out a few tutorials first to get an idea of what you’d like your set up to be.

If your first goals are to get two levels of annotation (transcription and translation), I highly recommend using Saymore as a proxy for ELAN because it’s very user-friendly and project-focused (you can see all your recordings and their statuses in one spot, add metadata, etc.). You can use their segmentation tool to segment your recording into phrases and then go through them one by one to write both a transcription and a translation. This easily exports to FLEx if you want to add sub word level structure or glossing. I use an Elan(Saymore)-Flex-Elan workflow. Google flex-elan workflow and a bunch of tutorials pop up.

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Thanks for the advice! I’ll try out Saymore