Glottolog cookbook: new recipe

I just added a new recipe to the Glottolog cookbook: cookbook/ at master · glottolog/cookbook · GitHub
While this specific recipe might not be relevant for most here, I think the Glottolog cookbook could be useful, and also the links to tools in the recipe.


Oh it is! So relevant for so many people.

This looks great:

Looking forward to digging into this code to see how you are making all of this happen. Curious about the mapping code itself, too. Can it perchance generate SVG maps as well?

Also, could you possibly add some tags to your post? If it won’t let you create new ones I’m happy to do so (and to bump your permissions so you can!).

And thanks so much for the awesome things you’re bringing to this community!

Hm. I don’t know of any mapping tool that does SVG including base layers. I guess if you want zoomability, you’d go for the HTML map (with leaflet) and screenshots.

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I had actually assumed that Leaflet was using SVG for things like all the dots, but then I looked at the source! Wow :sweat_smile:

If you want to pack a leaflet map into a single HTML file data URIs are a good option - and SVG+XML may still be smaller than image formats.
leaflet would also accept any other URL of course - so that’s cldfviz at work here.
See cldfviz/ at 0f710f5533757329e18fdaafc56493642e9f38bb · cldf/cldfviz · GitHub

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