Fellowship opportunities at the John Carter Brown Library at Brown

Might be of interest to some people here:


This library has an unbelievable collection of early books, and there is a huge collection in particular of Latin American works.

Take a look, a lot of it is already scanned and on aerchive.org

This stuff is in desperate need of being made more accessible, since for many communities (from which the books were… shall we say “acquired”?) the works are the only records of their community’s languages.

Interestingly, some of the fellowships will ve remote and offer the same stipend as the on-location positions. (I’ve spent some time at the library, it’s very fancy-pants.)

Short-term fellowships are available for periods of two to four months and carry a stipend of $2,250 per month.

Long-Term Fellowships are available for periods of five to ten months and carry a monthly stipend of $5,000.