Fall 2021 Writing Group Times

Okay folks, (especially @Andrew_Harvey @inigmendoza @SarahDopierala @rgriscom @caro @Grant ), a new topic for new times!

Here are the times we’ll try:

You should see the times below in your local timezone — click them to add more or add to your Google Calendar or whatever. The plan is to do both of these every week. Looking forward to seeing everyone!

Group One

2021-11-02T13:00:00Z :writing_hand: Writing Group One

Group Two

2021-11-05T16:00:00Z :writing_hand: Writing Group Two

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Woo!! I’m excited :grinning::grinning: Hope to see you all there :wave:

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Ah… Neither of these times works very well for Australia. (Sorry, I missed the voting!)

Is the Europe+Asia writing group still on?

Unfortunately it never happened, although there are some folks here from .au for instance, I’m afraid the overlap between folks in those time zones and interest in a writing group is small.

I’d be happy to be proven wrong, if anyone else is interested in meeting with @skalyan!

Great! Same gather town group, I suppose?

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I will try to make it to Group One when I can! See you guys there tomorrow.
Also @pathall, are we using the same URL as before?

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Indeed! Here it is:


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Sorry I missed the second thing today guys! Change of kid-pickup schedule.

Thanks for coming @SarahDopierala @inigmendoza and @Grant , hope you got lots done!

I had one of those days :exploding_head:


I did not stay too long. But, I am making some changes to my schedule. I am planning to stay longer in the future. Thank you for holding these spaces. Greetings! Have a great weekend, yall!


No worries! Good to see you again. :slight_smile:


Hi all!
@pathall thanks for making these adjustments! I’d been attending the original time slots, but noticed I was the only one in the room :sweat_smile:
I should be able to make both slots work for me (with the exception of tomorrow the 9th), and am looking forward to seeing you all there!


Looking forward to seeing you, Andrew!


Hi friends! Sorry I’ve missed the last few writing groups >.< The end of year stress has been real xD I’ll have to miss once more today, but I shall definitely be there next week! :smiley: Hope everyone is doing well :wink:

I’ll be coming in late today, but I’ll be there for the closing chat. :slight_smile:


D’oh! I worked right through the end catch up. Sorry if anyone missed me.


I was there for an hour but then left – and didn’t see your post :see_no_evil: – so we’re all good :smiley: I definitely won’t be there the next two Fridays, but maybe this is the case for most of us? Looking forward to coming back strong in the new year!! :raised_hands:

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