End of docling forum

Hi everyone,

This forum now costs me a fair amount of money. No one has stepped forward to help. It’s not pocket change, and it also costs me a fair amount of personal energy behind the scenes maintaining this site.

I am leaving the field, and I’m sorry the site hasn’t been more useful on the whole, but I can’t keep it up.

If anyone here feels that this site is a valuable resource, I encourage you to take the steps necessary to create a new forum that could benefit the field.

I think we have had some good times here, but it’s time for me to look forward.

Best of luck everyone, keep documenting if you can.


Earlier I said I’d like to handle everything but the community management aspect of this site to someone else, but if nobody’s willing to step up to commit to that, I’d rather take on all of that work than have this site go totally dark. So again, if anyone would like to work with me on running this site that’d be ideal, but if nobody steps up, Pat, maybe we could chat sometime about how to pass the baton.

Somehow I missed your earlier post @pathall This site has been helpful to many, quiet periods and all. I have found it more useful and interesting than other forums or email groups, even though I can’t always keep up with it. I alwasy recommend it. Many thanks to you for making it happen! All the best on your next step!

It looks like several people from the earlier post wanted to find a way to keep this site alive. I guess nothing happened? It’s summertime, which means I am overly optimistic about my time management abilities, so I’ll add my name.

@cbowern @katelynnlindsey @ldg @belew How about staring with a Zoom call to brainstorm? Here’s a when2meet to get us started: DocLing Forum Future - When2meet If everyone fills it out by next Wednesday 6/28, I’ll post an invitation!

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Joined too late to see the first post - hope as a newcomer this isn’t too forward, but I would happily both moderate and/or pitch in to keep the lights on.

Thanks for all you’ve done here Pat! I’ve definitely benefited from the forum, though I can’t say whether I’ll be around much in the future either :person_shrugging:

It doesn’t look like there is a good date for everyone but there are two possible blocks of time next week: Tues 7/12 11am/2pm-5/8pm PT/ET or Thurs 7/14 9am/12pm-1/4pm ET I prefer the earliest time on Tuesday. Any preferences?

@cbowern @katelynnlindsey Do you two still have interest in this? @pathall would you be able to join the meeting and talk to us about what is involved? DocLing Forum Future - When2meet


I wasn’t feeling too well last week so obviously an invitation did not get sent. It looks like not many of us are available for the rest of July and I am out most of August. However, if next Thursday 7/20 at 1pm Mountain Time works for more than 2 of us, I think it is worth chatting. Let us know!


I’m traveling at the moment so a meeting will be hard, please go ahead without me!

That time works for me :slight_smile:

Just saw this thread, I’m also happy to join 7/20 at 1 pm (my noon Pacific)… @SarahRMoeller

Topic: DocLing Future
Time: Jul 20, 2023 03:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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Hey folks,

I’m afraid I’m not really up to attend a Zoom. It’s a lot.

But I wanted to leave some notes and open a venue for questions and stuff. I will start a private group because we probably don’t want system details floating around in the open.

You should get a notification.


Uninformed question: are the features offered for free discourse hosting insufficient for the docling forum?

Hey all! @SarahRMoeller @fauxneticien @cbowern @ldg @katelynnlindsey Sorry I missed this discussion - is there a space where folks are keeping up with the future of these very useful forums? We’ve been having some discussions at ELP about whether/how we could integrate this community into our upcoming Discourse forums when the new site launches (likely January), and would love to talk more…


Not that I know of, but I’d like to be informed if any discussions come up.

I also haven’t heard anything, but it’s great that the new ELP site will have discussion forums!