ELDP application "mentors"/collaborators?

Hey DocLingers! I’m wondering if anyone knows of an existing group, list, project, etc. to help community language documentation projects write ELDP (and other academic-oriented grant) applications.

For context, I was asked by the Tuneene KiHunde documentation & education program in DR Congo (for KiHunde language) to support them in writing an ELDP grant application. They tried last year, but didn’t have familiarity with the esoteric rules of grant writing, and couldn’t complete the application on their own. I’d like to help with it, but I just don’t have time to commit to co-authoring the application.

Is there a group of academic-bureaucracy-fluent documentary linguists who collaborate with grassroots practitioners with funding applications? If not, why not, and how do we start one? :slight_smile:

The more immediate question is, would anyone be willing to collaborate on the ELDP grant for the Tuneene KiHunde project? They’re doing wonderful work there, and for somebody interested in Bantu languages (maybe a student or early-career person looking for a community organization to work with?), it could be a great match.


Hi Anna – this is great news from the KiHunde speaker community – it’s great to see a group from DR Congo wanting to undertake this kind of work!
The timescale for ELDP is a bit tight (due October 15th), and I’m afraid I personally don’t have the capacity to engage myself, but I wonder if it would be worthwhile to bring to the attention of people on the BantuList listserv?
Let me know, and maybe we can put together a little call for that group?


That sounds like a great idea! Email/message me? (Open invitation to anyone else who might be interested in this!)

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