Docling Virtual Coffee Hour on Lang Doc & Academia

Hi All,

The next docling coffee hour will be on Friday, May 14, at 8:00 PST (one hour earlier than usual). Convert to your local timezone using this link. The topic is “language documentation and academia”. Mark your calendars! :wink:

Here is the Gather link: (open the link in Chrome or Firefox Desktop).

Looking forward to seeing everyone there!


Thanks for planning this @msatokotsubi!

Just for convenience, I used the calendar button doohickey which helps convert the time into Dear Reader’s timezone :nerd_face:


Also stuck it on the :calendar: Docling Forum Events: Coffee Hour, Writing Group, and More.

Thanks again!


I came here to ask if 8 AM PST (I’d be sleeping if it were 8 PM PST) but I see Patrick has cleared that up. Now that the term is over, I’ll try to make it. Thank you for organizing!

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Looking forward to seeing you @JROSESLA! We’re all having to do time zone exercises these days :rofl:

Great! See yall soon.

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Thanks for setting this up, Marti! Andrew and I have a presentation at that time, unfortunately, so we will miss it, but I hope you guys have a good time discussing this topic.

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Thank you all for the meeting! Since web stuff for language documentation was mentioned, I remembered one project that I read about last year which I think might be relevant. I couldn’t find its name right away, so here’s the link:
At least in terms of reading a descriptive grammar, I feel this kind of layout is probably easier to use than a pdf.


Thanks to everyone who joined the coffee hour today!


Hi @dumiac! Was great meeting you and welcome aboard.

Please feel free to start a topic on the front page on the grammar tool, it looks cool. Also if you’d like to introduce yourself and your work you might want to say hi in the :wave: Hi! Introduce yourself here! topic. @rgriscom is also particularly interested in the topic of digital grammars.


Hello! :smiley:

Do yall have a date for the next coffee hour? Thanks