Do you have a “linguist profile” page? How did you make it?

Do you have a “homepage” or “profile” page for your work as a linguist?

  • No - never got around to it
  • No - I would if I could figure out how
  • No - I don’t like them
  • Yes - It’s hosted at my university
  • Yes - I bought my own domain and put it online
  • Yes - I used a “site maker”

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@Hilaria brought up the topic of academic home pages, citing this as one she particularly liked:

If you have a page like this, please feel free to leave a link!

(PS, I spent a really long time working on mine :woozy_face: )

Yes! I found it so necessary to build one while I was bouncing between institutions. Now that I’ve built one I enjoy keeping it maintained.


I built mine on Weebly: It’s hard to keep it maintained, but it was very useful to have on the job market.

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I used the al-folio Jekyll theme on GitHub:


Hi @aryaman! Happy to see you back.

So do you maintain the content as Markdown files?

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Yep all Markdown. The template handles all the hard work (nice formatting, support for TeX in the markdown for blogs and such, code highlighting, etc.). I modified the CSS a bit too.

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