Connecting XLR cables to video cameras

I remember being told years ago that to connect a mic with an XLR cable to a video camera (with a 3.5mm input), a particular device is needed, rather than just a XLR-3.5mm plug adaptor. Does anyone know if that’s the case with more recent video equipment and what are the standard options for this device?

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I think what you mean is a Saramonic box, i.e. a Saramonic audio adapter. It depends a lot on the video camera, but even high end ones that I used needed this to connect to XLR. What I bought is the Saramonic AX101 Audio Adapter. Worked well and is lightweight, so I can recommend that.


Amazing. Thank you!

I’ve just seen another one on an equipment list that may be more expensive: BeachTek DXA-2T

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I was curious and found this:

Nice straightforward explanation of how it works. :studio_microphone:

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