ComputEL-4 is today, thanks @ldg

Pushing this to its own topic from ICLDC registration closes February 28th (this Sunday!):

Thanks, @ldg, for mentioning the ComputEL-4 conference, which starts tomorrow.

The ComputEL-4 workshop will focus on the use of computational methods in the study, support, and revitalization of endangered languages. The primary aim of the workshop is to continue narrowing the gap between computational linguists interested in working on methods for endangered languages, field linguists working on documenting these languages, and the language communities who are striving to maintain their languages.

It’s free, and it’s not too late to register (I just did!).

Also, happily, it seems that the papers and presentation videos are already available online if you can’t participate in real time:

Lots of good stuff here, including a panel with local hero @Hilaria, among many other lovely people!

How did I not know about this conference :dizzy_face: