Coding for Beginners #4: A little Javascript (was great)

2021-08-10T15:15:00Z2021-08-10T16:15:00Z Coding for Beginners #4

I thought it might be fun to change gears a bit this week, and put a little Javascript programming into our Coding for Beginners class.

Don’t worry, we’ll keep it simple. And yes, this will all turn out to be relevant to what we’ve been learning about HTML and CSS.

Here’s the list of things we will look at:

  • the console
  • strings
  • objects
  • arrays

And how those ideas can be used to represent words and sentences.

Finally, we will peek just a bit at the notion of filters. A filter is a very powerful mechanism of arrays in Javascript that allow you to select a subset of an array that meet some criteria.

Learning filters is the beginning of understanding how search works.

Bring yourself, a laptop, and a webbrowser!

Meet in our room on

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Wooo!! I’m pumped! See you tomorrow :smiley:

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I will probably be a little late but I’m coming! :smiley:

Okay, no one else has showed up :crying_cat_face: but we can do Abkhazian converb data :rofl:

Ok I lied, life happened T^T I’ll check the summary after!!


ok i guess i’m off the hook :slight_smile:

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People came really late last time so I would stick around until 11:20!

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I will , hope springs eternal :slight_smile:

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Were are you? I cannot find you.

Eep! I figured at 20 after that no one was coming :rofl:

I’m around now if you are!

Alternatively we could reschedule and do a little more advertising this time :grimacing:

donde mero? where? en Gather town?

Hooray! That turned out awesome after all.

Thanks @Hilaria , @Sosal , and @rgriscom for coming by!

We have some plans for a group project coming up… Code name PROJECT TONO.

:male_detective:t4: :female_detective:

more news soon…

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I’m so pumped for this!

(Also, we need to teach the site to be less judgemental about capitalization and whatnot because what I had before was totally a complete sentence >.>—)

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