Coding for Beginners #3: Interlinears with HTML and CSS

Coming up next Tuesday, our third programming online workshop!

We’ll be continuing our study of HTML, and introduce just a smidgen of CSS.

What you need:

:point_right:t5: You will need a laptop or desktop computer to participate in this particular course (although the materials we will create will be usable on phones, too). Unfortunately, the programming tools on phone-based browsers just aren’t usable yet.

I’ll be teaching with Mozilla Firefox, which is a great free browser with excellent built-in tools for experimenting with programming — please consider downloading it if you don’t use it, as it will make things that much easier. But Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Apple Safari should be okay too.

:clock3: WHEN: Tuesday, July 20⋅11:00am – 12:00pm


:world_map: WHERE: The coding-for-beginners room on

We use a fun video chat thing called, here’s the link:

:gift: WHAT

Last time we messed around with a little bit of HTML code and thinking about the idea of “marking up” content. This time we are going to move on to something with a bit more complicated structure: a basic interlinear gloss. We’ll talk about a few new ideas:

  • HTML classes
  • CSS rules
  • A bit about how elements in the page are layed out — or “flow”
  • If we have time we will discuss a bit about web fonts

:muscle:t5: Trying to get better at…

I talked too much last time! This time there will be more “try it yourself” time. If anyone here with experience in web stuff would like to act as a group mentor, please let me know via message or a comment below! (Psst, @sunny , @rgriscom , @meaganvigus , @caro @ldg @aryaman:angel: )

:balance_scale: RULES

Everyone here already does all these things but just for the record

  1. Be nice
  2. No questions are bad questions
  3. Have fun

Looking forward to seeing you all there! Please feel free to leave a comment below if you like. is free up to 25 people — I doubt we will get anywhere near that number, but because it gets super expensive to upgrade to more people, we can’t ahve more attendees.


Awesome! Thanks so much for hosting these!

FYI there still seems to be a bug with the thing that displays the time in different timezones – I see from the poster that it’s 11am Eastern time, which would be 8am in California, but it’s displaying as 9am in California


Why am I cursed with timezone incompetence. WHY

(Also, I fixed it.)


I’m happy to help, Pat! Let me know what I can do :slight_smile:


Yey, looking forward to it! Would also be happy to help out if I can :slight_smile:


I’m so pumped! Thanks for all the hard work, Pat! (As a side note, I’ve been very inspired and have straight up started asking people about whether “they programmed something to do that for them” XD)

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It’s not work! It’s procrastination! :innocent:

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