Check out the new Lingthusiasm Website, very swish

Local hero Lauren Gawne (@laureng) and not-local-to-this-site-as-far-as-I-know-but-nonetheless-a-hero-by-any-measure Gretchen McCulloch have remodeled website for their podcast:

Just as web design this site is so smooth. Custom art, this lurvely typeface, but most of all, really good curation. I can’t think of another podcast site that is this useful. It’s almost like they want to help you make use of their content or something.


Lots of ways to find stuff: chronological order, reverse-chronological order, and best of all, IMHO, by topic.

And not only that, there are transcripts of many of the episodes, which is rare, and a huge win for accessibility of many kinds I think.

Anyway, go check out Lingthusiasm if you haven’t yet.

I hereby award this redesign of the Lingthusiasm website this award for redesigning the Lingthusiasm website:


Dang, don’t spend it all at once.

(As someone who has been trying to run this site for a year (while, admittedly, finishing a dissertation), I know first-hand how much work goes into curation like this. Maybe when I’m finally (gulp) finished I can take some inspiration from Lauren & Gretchen and try to spruce this place up a bit!))


Thanks so much Pat! It’s been a couple of years coming, but we’re really happy with how it turned out!

Gretchen is very much the one who drove this - and I’m so glad she documented it because it’s a great example of really thinking through a process from the user perspective.

And I’m glad the website makes our transcripts more visible - they’re done by local wizard @SarahDopierala!

Going to add our trophy to the Lingthusiasm awards shelf!


I figured an emoji was appropriate!


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Wow, that is a lovely font! The Google Fonts page doesn’t really do it justice, though. I think it works mainly because of the generous line-spacing (and the green accents).

And is that…a blanket with Unicode characters on the left? Very cool!


@skalyan we should have a thread about fonts that are useful for linguists! I can’t think of anyone better to talk about it than you. Stuff like IPA support, licensing, etc. Would you be interested?


Yes! This is right up my alley.