Check out Sarah’s FAQs on Computational Linguistics

Just happened upon local hero @SarahRMoeller’s very nice collection of FAQs about Computational Linguistics. Lots of interesting stuff here., click through to find Sarah’s thoughts on these questions:

  • What is computational linguistics? How is it different from natural language processing (NLP)?

  • How much data is necessary to train a computer to automate tasks in language documentation with reasonable reliability?

  • What accuracy can a computer achieve when processing language documentation data?

  • What programming languages do computational linguists use?

  • I would like to recruit tech-savvy people to my language project. Do you have any recommendations?

  • I’m interested in computational linguistics but I know very little computer science. Where should I start?

  • I’m a college freshman interested in computational linguistics. What should I major in?

  • I have an undergraduate major in linguistics and want to study computational linguistics in graduate school. Where * should I start?

  • Are you aware of any jobs that specialize in NLP for minority languages?

Might be a good opportunity for us to discuss these here as well!

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Thanks for the mention, @pathall ! I want to say that an important element (linked under the graduate school question) is a list of recommended pre/co-requisites for linguistic (or non-CS) majors to get into computational methods/degree programs. My list emphasizes free and online courses. And I want to shout to UW Linguistics who has similar information on their website for prospective applicants: Preparing for the Program | UW Computational Linguistics Master's Degree - Online & Seattle

Yay for reducing barriers to more fun and useful things!

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