Campaign: Adopting the Trømso Recommendations in journals

The Research Data Alliance’s Linguistic Data Interest Group (LDIG) has launched a campaign to encourage publishers, archives and other groups that present linguistic data to adopt the Tromsø Recommendations.

I know this group is full of people who are interested in thinking critically about the role of data in linguistic analysis and in academic publishing.

The campaign spreadsheet has more information about the Trosmø Recommendations and how you can help improve linguistic data citation. If you are a contributor to a journal in your field or popular publisher, you can write to the editors and ask them to consider adopting the Tromsø Recommendations. We have some suggested text for your email or letter in the sheet. And if you’re an editor of a journal we have some template language to add to your information for authors to make it as easy as possible to adopt the TRecs!

I’m also happy to answer questions here, if you’re interested in becoming involved!