By what methods do archives Accrue collections?


I believe in several of the DELAMAN or other meetings at which OLAC discussions have previously happened the Collections Application Profile has been mentioned. There are several interesting vocabularies in that application profile that Archives may want to consider using. Especially, as the role and importance of collections becomes more visible in the Language Documentation Space (Sullivant 2020, Paterson 2022, etc.)

One of the vocabularies in the Collections Application Profile is the Accrual Method Vocabulary. I am wondering if in you all’s opinion there are other types of accrual methods than those in the accrual method vocabulary. In my experience working with various archives which are not within the small circle of language documentation related venues, most are using EAD/Encoded Archival Description formats for collections. Meaning the question is moot. The use of EAD would broadly explain why the Collection Application Profile has not seen a great deal of adoption. However, in my work with collections related to OLAC I think there is still room for the accrual method vocabulary to be used even if the whole Collection Application Profile is not adopted.