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Continuing the discussion with @pkaustin from :wave: Hi! Introduce yourself here!:

I thought I would split this discussion off into its own topic from the introductions topic.

I have often found myself in conversations with people who are working on their own languages or languages they are otherwise studying who want to increase their web presence in some feasible way. I myself am working on tools for for web-based documentation, but they’re not at the point of being user-friendly enough to support projects without a lot of custom work.

Usually I just say “why not start a blog?”, and I think the two blogs you’ve worked on for so long are great examples:



One of the reasons that blogs are great is that they can be gradually organized in new ways. In the post here:

… you mention that you added genre categorizations to a corpus of stories that had been built up over a while. Blogs are great for that, I think.

I noticed that you used Wordpress for both of these projects. How satisfied are you with that platform for the work you’re doing? Would you recommend Wordpress to other projects?

Also, @neilalexanderwalker, you’d probably be interested in all the stories about Australian animals here, e.g.

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