Bayesian Phylogenetic Linguistics

I guess one of the upsides of this @#%@#$ing pandemic is that a lot more lectures are finding their way online. This one looks good!

Today we have a talk by




and Olena Scherbakova titled “Bayesian Phylogenetic Linguistics”. Click the link if you want to know more about the application of bayesian methods for the study of language phylogeny and chronology!

Wish I had time to watch :laughing:


I had very little idea what this was when I first saw this post, and I still don’t know that much. But! I saw a talk today at the Frankfurt summer school on digital Caucasiology where the presenter was describing different methods used to determine the historical/developmental distance between languages (in Daghestan), and one of those methods is “Phylogenetic Methods” – or building genetic trees. It was a neat, random connection for me. Time to check this out. XD

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I’m not trained in Bayesian anything either, but I know a lot of people around here have that super power so I shared the link :slight_smile:

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