Audacity… sounds about right

Holy :cow2:

Sorry for the profanity in the linked Twitter thread, but if this is true it’s frankly warranted.

Is this for real?

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I had 2.4.2 installed so I removed it and installed an older version: Download Audacity older versions.
(one of the twitter threads I read suggested that these older versions probably hadn’t been updated to be so malicious)


Do you & Gretchen use Audacity for lingthusiasm?

I use audacity for all my audio editing! I started using it about 15 years ago and always appreciated that it didn’t change that much - so this news it all a lot to process!

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Yeah, I agree! It’s a pain in the neck. Audacity was always a rock-solid, reliable tool. It’s super annoying what’s going on with it.

Yes, definitely a bummer! Audacity is indeed a good, simple tool for cleaning up and reformatting audio.

This situation reminds me of when we got a new printer from HP recently, and by default the printer would collect information on every document you printed and send it to HP, including the title, file type, and number of pages. In the end it isn’t an evil 1984-style government trying to spy on us, it’s the advertisers! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Not sure if this fork with the telemetry removed has legs, but at least the name is a good one!!

Unfortunately it looks like they don’t have binaries yet, and I doubt many users (myself included) have time to bother figuring out how to build from source.