“Are you a developer?” (You might want to read this even if you’re not.)

This is an interesting post about something that programmers don’t talk about very much: their emotions about their work. Just like academics, they get imposter syndrome.

I personally think it’s worth thinking about for this community, since I am very much of the opinion that linguists are well-positioned to learn enough about programming to get real work done — especially in the form of web programming.

Think of it this way: if professional programmers sometimes feel uncertain of their abilities — and they make a living doing programming — but you just want to stick your toe in the pool and see how the water is, then what do you have to lose? Just sticking your toe in the pool at all is already a sort of proof that you know more than you did when you began.

(Also, I’m late posting the next chapter of A Little Web… I’m such an imposter! :face_with_head_bandage: )

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Ha ha ha I guess it can happen to anyone :). Thank you for sharing.

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