Anyone else going to the LSA institute?

@cbowern and I got a 9am slot, d’oh! I guess we’re testing documentation dedication… :joy:

Course number Course title Instructor Subfield Session
101 Introduction to Phonology Juliet Stanton Phonology Sessions 1 & 2
102 Introduction to Phonetics Jianjing Kuang Phonetics Sessions 1 & 2
103 Introduction to Computational Linguistics Gaja Jarosz Computational Linguistics, Learning Theory, Acquisition, Cognitive Science, Statistics, Phonology, Syntax, Psycholinguistics Sessions 1 & 2
104 Introduction to African American English Mike Terry Variation, Dialects, Sessions 1 & 2
105 Introduction to Prosody Kristine Yu Prosody, Phonetics, Phonology, Tone, Intonation, Typology Sessions 1 & 2
106 Introduction to Syntax David Pesetsky Syntax Sessions 1 & 2
107 Introduction to Morphology Faruk Akkus Morphology, Syntax, Semantics, Phonology, Typology Sessions 1 & 2
108 Introduction to Language Documentation Gabriela Caballero & Nadine Grimm Language Documentation, Fieldwork, Areal Linguistics, Language Preservation, Typology Sessions 1 & 2
109 Introduction to Psycholinguistics Brian Dillon Psycholinguistics Sessions 1 & 2
110 Introduction to Semantics Seth Cable Semantics, Pragmatics Sessions 1 & 2
111 Introduction to Pragmatics Vincent Homer Pragmatics Sessions 1 & 2
112 Introduction to Prosodic Annotation Alejna Brugos Phonology, Phonetics, Prosody, Perception, Speech Sessions 1 & 2
113 Introduction to Speech Processing: DSP for Everyone! Mark Liberman Speech, Perception, Phonetics, Computational Linguistics, Statistics, Variation, Tone, Corpus Studies Sessions 1 & 2
114 Introduction to Historical Sociolinguistics Sandrine Tailleur Sociolinguistics, Diachrony, Discourse, Variation, Language Contact, Corpus Studies Sessions 1 & 2
115 Introduction to Children's Acquisition of Grammar William Snyder Acquisition, Learning Theory, Linguistic Frameworks, Corpus Studies, Statistics Sessions 1 & 2
116 Introduction to Sociolinguistics TBA Sociolinguistics Sessions 1 & 2
118 Introduction to the Study of Sign Languages Ryan Lepic Sign Languages, Typology, Variation, Morphology, Language Contact, Linguistic Frameworks Sessions 1 & 2
119 Field Methods Lisa Matthewson (Hale Professor) Fieldwork, Language Documentation Sessions 1 & 2
120 Forensic Linguistics: language as evidence in the cause of social justice Robert Leonard & Tanya Christensen Forensic Linguistics Sessions 1 & 2
121 Bilingual Acquisition and Processing Carla Contemori Acquisition, Psycholinguistics, Language Production, Perception Session 2
122 Experimenting with meaning - A hands on introduction to using PCIbex Florian Schwarz Semantics, Pragmatics, Psycholinguistics, Cognitive Science, Experimental Methods Session 2
123 Careers in language technology Hadas Kotek Alt-Ac, Job Market, Careers, Tech TBA
124 Creating and using web-based documentation Patrick Hall & Claire Bowern Language Documentation Session 2
125 Teaching Linguistics Lynnette Arnold & Iara Mantenuto Pedagogy, Course Design, Scholarly Teaching, Lesson Planning, Equity and Inclusion, Professional Development Sessions 1 & 2
126 How to build a linguistics curriculum for global learning Rebecca Burns Pedagogy Sessions 1 & 2
201 Articulatory Phonetics Jason Shaw Phonetics, Phonology, Speech, Cognitive Science, Language Production Sessions 1 & 2
202 Speech Perception John Kingston Perception, Speech, Phonetics, Phonology, Psycholinguistics, Diachrony Sessions 1 & 2
203 Laboratory Phonology Scott Myers Phonology, Phonetics, Experimental Methods, Quantitative Methods Sessions 1 & 2
204 Phonetics and Phonology of Bilingualism Charles Chang & Yao Yao Phonetics, Phonology, Psycholinguistics, Speech, Perception, Language Contact Sessions 1 & 2
205 Advanced Phonology Giorgio Magri Phonology, Computational Linguistics, Typology Sessions 1 & 2
206 Formal Language Theory and Phonology Jane Chandlee & Adam Jardine Phonology, Computational Linguistics, Cognitive Science Session 2
207 Defectivity Kyle Gorman Phonology, Morphology, Syntax, Acquisition, Computational Linguistics Sessions 1 & 2
208 Advanced Syntax Rajesh Bhatt & Winfried Lechner Syntax, Semantics, Linguistic Frameworks Sessions 1 & 2
209 Applicatives: their past, present and future Michael Everdell & Neil Myler Syntax, Semantics, Morphology, Typology, Linguistic Frameworks Sessions 1 & 2
210 Advanced Semantics Yael Sharvit Semantics, Syntax-Semantics Interface Sessions 1 & 2
211 Advanced Pragmatics Maria Biezma & Kyle Rawlins Pragmatics, Semantics, Discourse, Linguistic Frameworks. Sessions 1 & 2
212 Discourse Interpretation Daniel Altshuler & Julian Schloeder Discourse, Pragmatics, Semantics, Literature Session 1
213 Creole Languages: Past, Present, and Future
Shelome Gooden Creoles, Sociolinguistics, Variation, Language Contact, Typology Sessions 1 & 2
214 Acquiring Variation: community, caregivers, and children Jennifer Smith Acquisition, Dialects, Sociolinguistics, Variation Session 2
215 Acquiring Word Meaning Kristen Syrett & Athulya Aravind Acquisition, Morphology, Syntax, Semantics, Psycholinguistics, Cognitive Science Session 2
216 Sign Language Acquisition as a Human Right Deborah Chen Pichler & Diane Lillo Martin & Elaine Gale Sign Languages, Acquisition, Variation, Social Justice, Modality, Language Transmission Sessions 1 & 2
217 Computational Syntax: From the Chomsky Hierarchy to Mild Context-Sensitivity and Minimalism Tim Hunter Syntax, Computational Linguistics, Linguistic Frameworks Sessions 1 & 2
218 Computational models of generalization and item specificity Emily Morgan & Masoud Jasbi Psycholinguistics, Computational Linguistics, Syntax, Semantics, Acquisition, Statistics Sessions 1 & 2
219 Advanced Psycholinguistics Ming Xiang Psycholinguistics, Cognitive Science, Syntax, Semantics, Pragmatics Sessions 1 & 2
220 Field Psycholinguistics Jed Sam Pizarro-Guevara & Matt Wagers Psycholinguistics, Fieldwork Sessions 1 & 2
221 Sentence Production Shota Momma Syntax; Psycholinguistics; Cognitive science; Language production Session 1
222 Recent Advances in Neurolinguistics Yosef Grodzinsky Neurolinguistics, Syntax, Semantics, Psycholinguistics, Cognitive science. Session 2
223 Language, Gender, and Sexuality: Identity, Practice, and Politics Erez Levon Sociolinguistics, Gender, Sexuality, Variation, Perception, Discourse Sessions 1 & 2
224 Reimagining the Linguistics Atlas Project: Dialectology for the 21st Century Allison Burkette (American Dialect Society Professor) Dialects, Sociolinguistics, Variation, HIstorical , Fieldwork, Areal Linguistics Sessions 1 & 2
225 Amazonian languages: diversity, typology, historical change, and language contact Martin Kohlberger & Katherine Bolanios Typology, Variation, Language Contact, Diachrony Sessions 1 & 2
226 Writing Systems Dimitrios Meletis Spelling Systems, Literacy, Typology, Psycholinguistics, Sociolinguistics Session 1
227 How Universal is Variation? Variation in heritage languages Naomi Nagy Sociolinguistics, Variation, Morphology, Phonetics, Language Contact, Language Documentation Session 2
228 Head Driven Phrase Structure Grammar Jean-Pierre Koenig & Anthony Davis Lexicon, Morphology, Syntax, Semantics, Linguistic Frameworks Sessions 1 & 2
301 Topics in the Study of Bantu Languages Nancy Kula & Hannah Gibson Syntax, Variation, Typology, Areal Linguistics, Morphology, Phonology, Tone Session 2
302 Issues in the Syntax of African languages Vicki Carstens & Harold Torrence Syntax, Information Structure, African Languages, Fieldwork, Areal Linguistics, Language Documentation Sessions 1 & 2
303 Language Contact in Africa Lotfi Sayahi & John Victor Singler Sociolinguistics, Variation, Dialects, Language Contact, Creoles Session 1
304 Structure of Mayan Jessica Coon Syntax, Semantics, Morphology, Typology, Variation, Language Documentation Session 1
305 What Exactly is Phonological Opacity? Giorgio Magri & Eric Bakovic Phonology, Linguistic Frameworks, Learning Theory, Mathematical Linguistics Session 1
306 Phonological Theory and Statistics Stephanie Shih & Canaan Breiss Phonology, Statistics, Variation, Linguistic Frameworks, Computational Linguistics, Cognitive Science Session 1
307 Language Change and Pertinacity Aditi Lahiri (Collitz Professor) Historical Linguistics Sessions 1 & 2
308 Prosody and the Parser Jesse Harris & Sun-Ah Jun Prosody Session 2
309 The morphosyntax of case and licensing Michelle Yuan & Coppe van Urk Syntax, Morphology, Typology, Linguistic Frameworks Session 2
310 Agree(ment) via interaction and satisfaction Amy Rose Deal Syntax, Morphology, Typology, Linguistic Frameworks Session 2
311 Feeding and bleeding in syntax Elise Newman Syntax, Variation, Linguistic Frameworks Session 1
312 Parenthesis: between grammar and discourse Dennis Ott & Mark de Vries Syntax, Semantics, Pragmatics, Discourse, Linguistic Frameworks Session 2
313 Complementizers Relating to Noun Phrases: Rare Constructions within a Theory of Universal Grammar Mark Baker Syntax, Morphology, Semantics Session 1
314 Historical Semantics Ashwini Deo Semantics, Pragmatics, Variation, Diachrony, Historical, Typology Session 2
315 Modeling causation for natural language semantics Prerna Nadathur & Elitzur Bar-Asher Siegel Semantics, Pragmatics, Discourse, Cognitive Science Session 1
316 Indefinites and anaphora: Facets of ∃ Gennaro Chierchia Semantics, Syntax-Semantics Interface Sessions 1 & 2
317 Bare Arguments Cross-linguistically: Kind Terms, Definites, Indefinites Veneeta Dayal (Fillmore Professor) Syntax, Semantics, Variation, Typology, Syntax-Semantics Interface Sessions 1 & 2
318 Definiteness system within and across languages Dorothy Ahn & Florian Schwarz Semantics, Pragmatics, Variation, Psycholinguistics, Syntax, Discourse Sessions 1 & 2
319 Anaphora resolution in formal pragmatics Craige Roberts Semantics, Pragmatics, Discourse, Cognitive Science, Lexicography Session 2
320 Distributional spaces and word meaning Katrin Erk Semantics, Computational Linguistics Session 1
321 The Parallel Architecture and its Components Ray Jackendoff Semantics, Syntax, Morphology, Architecture of Grammar, Cognitive Science, Evolution of Language Sessions 1 & 2
322 Representation learning for syntactic and semantic theory Aaron White Syntax, Semantics, Computational Linguistics, Cognitive Science, Statistics Session 1
323 Topics in the diachrony of the functional lexicon Patricia Amaral & Chiara Gianollo Syntax, Semantics, Diachrony, Historical, Linguistic Frameworks, Typology Session 1
324 Language, Power, and the Brain Rachel Weissler Perception, Sociolinguistics, Psycholinguistics, Variation, Neurolinguistics, Dialects Session 1
325 Sociolinguistic Variation in Word Recognition Meredith Tamminga Sociolinguistics, Variation, Perception, Psycholinguistics, Cognitive Science Session 1 & 2
326 Sociolinguistic Variation and Change in Game-Theoretic Pragmatics Heather Burnett Sociolinguistics, Variation, Pragmatics Session 2
327 Language, social stereotypes and cognition Andrea Beltrama & Lacey Wade Sociolinguistics, Psycholinguistics, Pragmatics, Variation, Perception, Social Meaning Session 1
328 Linguistic Variation Lisa Green & Joe Pater Variation, Syntax, Semantics, Phonology, Sociolinguistics, Dialects Session 2
329 Cognitive mechanisms of language change Vsevolod Kapatsinski Cognitive Science, Diachrony Sessions 1 & 2
330 Probabilistic language understanding Gregory Scontras Pragmatics, Semantics, Computational Linguistics, Cognitive Science Session 2
331 Cognitive underpinnings of meaning variation and change Martin Fuchs & Maria Pinango Semantics, Pragmatics, Variation, Psycholinguistics, Diachrony, Linguistic Frameworks Session 2
332 The cognitive foundations of language regard Dennis Preston Sociolinguistics, Variation, Perception, Cognitive Science Sessions 1 & 2
333 Documenting the acquisition of indigenous languages Clifton Pye & Pedro Mateo Pedro Acquisition, Language Documentation Session 1
334 Language universals in the light of cultural evolution and cognition Martin Haspelmath Cognitive Science, Typology Sessions 1 & 2
335 The Syntax of Language Contact Enoch Aboh (Sapir Professor) Syntax, Language Contact Sessions 1 & 2

Congrats! That looks like a cool summer program. I wish I could go!

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