ACL SIGEL: Association for Computational Linguistics Endangered Languages Special Interest Group

Holy cow, Computational Linguistics people love acronyms! :laughing:

Acronym or not, this is worth a look:

A lot of the goals of this group are probably of interest to the community here:

The purpose of the Association for Computational Linguistics (ACL) Special Interest Group SIGEL is to foster computationally grounded research in all useful aspects in documenting, processing, revitalizing and supporting endangered languages, as well as minority, Indigenous and low-resource languages. SIGEL also promotes general discussion on topics related to computational work in languages not targeted by mainstream computational work and promotes meetings and workshops dedicated to its endeavors, such as the established ComputEL workshops. Furthermore SIGEL may promote and facilitate relevant research and development activities though setting up and maintaining an on-line portal/wiki (or a technical equivalent), in order to share datasets, for elaborating and high-lighting issues, frequently asked questions, and challenges central to SIGEL, and to maintain a searchable database of individuals and communities with expertise and experience relevant to SIGEL. SIGEL will operate within the framework of the ACL’s general guidelines for SIGs.

It’s not clear to me yet whether there will be a membership fee, I didn’t hear any mentioned last night as Antti Arppe (University of Alberta, president of the SIG board) was describing the group. He said that the cost of admission is an email expressing the desire to join!

The complete slides from the introduction are available here:


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If you are member of the Association for Computational Linguistics’ (ACL) Special Interest Group for Endangered Languages (SIGEL), it’s time to renew your membership. If you aren’t, this is a great time to join! We hope to start a virtual speaker series this year with panel discussions on endangered languages, language technology, language revitalization, language documentation, and computational linguistics with limited resources.

You don’t need to be an ACL member to join. We hope to bring together anyone interested in those topics and remain as accessible as possible to any background.

Join our mailing via the link below and bring questions and ideas! (Answer “yes” to the final question if you want to join or renew membership)